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Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 64-68

Call for the People of the Book on common grounds
اہل کتاب کو مشترکہ بات پر دعوت

Date: 23rd Dec, 2019
Allah has guided the Muslims on the etiquettes on how to call people of other religions towards a better understanding.

Where Are We Taking Pakistan?
ہم پاکستان کو کہاں لے جا رہے ہیں؟

Date: 16th Dec, 2019
In the last few months Pakistan has faced huge challenges and seems as if the different segments and professions of the society including Lawyers, Doctors, Students are all on the streets to take show their strength. How the Quran guides us to know the problem.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 56-63

Mubahila (Invoking the Curse of Allah on those who Lie)
مباہلہ کرنا (جھوٹوں کے لیے اللہ کی لعنت مانگنا)

Date: 09th Dec, 2019
After Allah has revealed the truth and yet if the scholars of false belief do not accept, Allah has guide on invoking the curse on the party which is bent on lies.

Minorities Under Islam
اسلام کے تحت اقلیتیں

Date: 02nd Dec, 2019
What rights and limitations do minorities have under an Islamic State. Who are recognised as minorities and who are not. What is status of groups such as LGBTs.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 52-55

Enemies of Allah, plotted to kill Esa (e.s) but Allah plotted a better plot
اللہ کے دشمنوں نے، عیسیٰ کو قتل کرنے کی سازش کی لیکن اللہ نے اس سے بہتر منصوبہ بندی کی

Date: 25th Nov, 2019
Jesus, the Messenger of Allah, preached the Truth and came with clear signs from the Lord. But he sensed the betrayal and rejection from the powerful among the Jews. He called upon his followers to come forward as dedicated helpers in the path of Allah to which this 12 disciples responded positively. Despite the plots set by the Jews, Allah saved his Messenger.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 50-51

Esa (e.s) was send to make Halal what had been made Haram for Bani Israel
عیسیٰ کو بھیجا گیا تھا تاکہ بنی اسرائیل پر حرام کی گئی کو حلال کر دیں

Date: 18th Nov, 2019
Because of various reasons, especially the Zulm of Jews, a lot of permissible was made forbidden by Allah for them. For those who would believe Jesus to be the Prophet of Allah would be relieved of the burden.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 48-49

Knowledge & Miracles of Esa (e.s)
عیسیٰ کا علم اور معجزے

Date: 04th Nov, 2019
The Messenger of Allah, Esa son of Maryam, came with extra ordinary knowledge and miracles as a last chance for the Children of Israel to believe.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 45-47

Angels giving the glad tidings to Maryam
فرشتوں کی مریم کو بشارتیں دینا

Date: 28th Oct, 2019
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When the right time came, Allah (s.w.t) sent Angels to give glad tidings to Maryam about the 'Word' which the Lord will say for the birth of Jesus.

What Can Imran Khan Do For Pakistan?
عمران خان پاکستان کے لیے کیا کر سکتے ہیں؟

Date: 25th Jul, 2019
After a year since Imran Khan and his PTI came into power it is time to analyse what actually can he deliver.

Gog & Magoog
یاجوج اور ماجوج

From Legend to Reality
خیال سے حقیقت تک

Date: 08th Nov, 2018

Gog & Magoog
یاجوج اور ماجوج

The Great Wall of China
دیوار چین

Date: 08th Nov, 2018

Humare Zindagi (Part 2 of 2)

Qabr se Anjaam tak
قبر سے انجام تک

Date: 20th Oct, 2018

Humare Zindagi (Part 1 of 2)

Takhleeq se Qabr tak
تخلیق سے قبر تک

Date: 13th Oct, 2018

Islam & Democracy
اسلام اور جمہوریت

Harmony or Conflict

Date: 28th Jun, 2018

Advice for Muslim Youth

Introductory Class

Date: 05th Apr, 2018
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Basic advice given to University students during a seminar on what they need to ensure for their own betterment.

Halloween - Past & Present

Date: 22nd Oct, 2016
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Why Are We Born Muslims?

Wisdom behind Allah’s uneven distribution

Date: 20th Oct, 2016
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The privilege of being born Muslims come with a great responsibility. Listen to find out why Allah made some born in Muslim families while the rest in Non-Muslim families.

Parenting in the Age of Fitna

Being a Family of Believers

Date: 04th Oct, 2016
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As the world approaches the End of Times, it is utmost important for Muslim parents to do their best to save their children from Fitna!

Why India Desires War with Pakistan

Reason Behind the Recent Border Escalation

Date: 01st Oct, 2016
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India has defied basic human rights in Kashmir, Gujrat and other cities. Yet the International community is not willing to hold India accountable. On the other hand India always threatens Pakistan! Why?

Valentine’s Day

Whats Wrong in Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Date: 11th Feb, 2016

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Sword of Islam in Secular Scabbard

Date: 28th Dec, 2015

Some Light on Sectarianism

A Sign of Deviation

Date: 21st Oct, 2015
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Sectarianism is the result of deviation from Quran and the Sunnah. Condemned by Allah (s.w.t) and Prophet (s.a.w), yet people strictly and blindly follow their sects. Instead of inviting to Islam, people invite to their sect.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 42-44

Explanation of Wahi (Revelation) in light of Allah (s.w.t) message for Maryam

Date: 14th Oct, 2015
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Angels spoke to Maryam, conveying to her Allah (s.w.t) message of selection. Wahi however is not always for Divine Scriptures. Quran and Hadith gives various other examples also.

Surah Ale-Imran (3), Ayaat 35-41

Supplications leading to the Birth of Maryam and Yahya (e.s)

Date: 30th Sep, 2015
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Allah (s.w.t) answers prayer which invoked with sincerety. The birth of Maryam and Yahya (e.s) was the result of their parents paitence, sincerety and devotion to Allah (s.w.t) alone.